We’re happy to present you with the following Quikserv window models that are similar in design to the discontinued Easi-Serv product you have selected. Please select one of the window models below to obtain more information on the window specifications, architectural drawings and installation instructions.

Our new partnership with Quikserv, a long-standing leader in the pass-through window market, has led to some changes to our product lines and design to help better serve our customers. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about these changes. We look forward to serving you as part of the Quikserv family.

Automatic Window


This flush-mount fully-automatic bi-parting slider glides smoothly on a top-hung slide rail system. Bi-parting windows work almost twice as fast as single sliders. An offset in the base prevents outside intrusion and repels water from entering into your establishment. This unit can also be glazed with 5/8” insulated glass.

BP-7241E / BP-7236E

This 72” wide bi-parting electric slider has one of the largest service openings in the drive-thru arena. With a generous 29-1/2” (w) x 32” (h) opening, you can effectively operate with two workers in one window or pass large items such as dry cleaning, large pizza boxes, auto parts, etc. All electric windows come standard with the thru-beam sensor. However, we do offer these with the push button operation as well. We also make a manual, self-closing version of this window (Model #BPSC-7241) as well as a 36” tall unit (Model #BP-7236E).


This flush-mount bi-parting slider operates with two bi-parting top-hung doors generating faster speed of service. An overall base depth of 21” provides a stainless steel counter that both the attendant and the customer can use.


Flush-mount model FM-54E offers a large staging area for your product and transactions. As with all Quikserv sliders, this unit has an offset in the base preventing outside intrusion. Productivity is bound to increase when using an electric bi-parting slider.


The PW-54E has two bi-parting doors that open simultaneously allowing you to serve your customers more efficiently. Activation of the unit is made complete through the use of the Thru-Beam Photo-Electric Eye-Bar.

This projected window provides a three-sided panoramic view with one of the largest counter spaces offered on a pass-thru window. An offset in the base along with a drip rail on the header provides security from outside intrusion and rain protection.

Self-Closing Window


This 72″ wide bi-parting manual, self-closing slider has one of the largest service openings in the drive-thru arena. With a generous 29-1/2″ (w) x 36-1/2″ (h) opening, you can effectively operate with two workers in one window or pass large items such as dry cleaning, large pizza boxes, auto parts, etc..


This unit is a self-closing version of the PW-54E. You still have the large stainless steel base and projected window, without the high cost of an electric window. The inside counter space is a generous 53-1/2” (w) x 16” (d). The BPSC-5440 is a great unit for businesses that want to display product in their drive-thru without hampering the service they give to their customers. Doors lock automatically when closed.


With this self-closing bi-parting slider, a spacious stainless steel counter is provided for a clean staging area. Passing all health code requirements, this unit is operated manually and the doors lock automatically when closed.


This manual bi-parting, self-closing slider provides a service opening for the largest of products. Doors open manually from the middle eliminating the need to order right or left handed models. The unit locks automatically when closed and passes all health code requirements.


Similar to the BPSC-4836, this manual bi-parting, self-closing slider is a smaller version of the BPSC-4836 in that the width has been narrowed to 42”. The height remains the same so that we can still offer a generous service opening of 14” (w) x 28 1/2” (h). This window is made for businesses that have much smaller work areas to contend with and allow the business versatility of not having to cut a larger hole to use a standard 48” wide window. This window also has a nice inside counter space for staging product.

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