We’re happy to present you with the following Quikserv window models that are similar in design to the discontinued Easi-Serv product you have selected. Please select one of the window models below to obtain more information on the window specifications, architectural drawings and installation instructions.

Our new partnership with Quikserv, a long-standing leader in the pass-through window market, has led to some changes to our product lines and design to help better serve our customers. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about these changes. We look forward to serving you as part of the Quikserv family.

Automatic Window


This projected window provides a three-sided panoramic view with one of the largest counter spaces offered on a pass-thru window. An offset in the base along with a drip rail on the header provides security from outside intrusion and rain protection.

Semi-Automatic Window

PW1-16 /PW2-16 / PW5-16

Offering a panoramic three-sided view, models PW-1 and PW-2 are projected from the exterior of the building highlighting the drive-thru lane. These models offer different size service openings; however, they all come standard with a 21” (d) x 27-3/4” (w) interior stainless base. Handsfree efficient service is offered with the use of the push-bar system.

Manual Window

PW3-16 / PW4-16

Offering a panoramic three-sided view, Models PW3-16 and PW4-16 are projected from the exterior of the building highlighting the drive-thru lane. These manually operated windows open and close with minimal effort. Now with wider openings.

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Pass Through Windows Manufacturer

Easi-Serv has been manufacturing and providing customers with high-quality, pass thru windows for more than 35 years. Our pass thru windows are known for their clean design, strength, dependability, precise machine work, simple maintenance and easy installation. Designed to withstand the rigors of bitter northern winters or sweltering summer heat, Easi-Serv windows offer guaranteed weatherproofing and an extensive variety of models, sizes, finishes, projections and glass options to suit every customer’s needs...

Best Sliding Pass Thru Windows

Whether it’s bi-parting, single-parting, or vertical lift windows, these sliding pass through windows are simply the best in the industry, with top-of-the-line customer service for every pass thru window customer. Perfectly suited for high- and low-volume needs or constrained serving areas, Easi-Serv has everything a business could need to serve customers quickly and efficiently.

Need help deciding which sliding pass thru window is right for your needs? Easi-Serv offers advice and tips through the Learning Centre for choosing the perfect drive thru window that will withstand heavy use and tough weather. Our quick guide to the advantages and specifications of each window series makes finding the right window simple, easy, and fun. Easi-Serv also backs every pass through window with a 5-year best-in-industry warranty

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