The Different Vertical Sliding Windows and When to Use Them

Vertical Sliding Windows

In some situations, the need for a window calls for something other than a horizontal-sliding window. Vertical sliding windows provide an innovative and aesthetically-pleasing design for pass-through and customer-serving applications. They’re great when you have a small width to squeeze in a pass through window or maximize the width of the vertical slider window for your serving area.  The versatility and benefits of vertical-sliding windows in restaurant applications shouldn’t be overlooked.

Easi-Serv, an industry leader in pass through windows, has listed below the definitive guide on vertical sliding windows and when they would most benefit a business.

IL Series Vertical Sliding Windows:

The IL Series is a smaller vertical sliding window well-suited for interior applications such as administrative environments, including waiting rooms or an office with a customer-facing window. The design is often better suited than its horizontal-sliding counterpart and can remain open during business hours so that customers and employees can exchange payments and paperwork as needed. Outside of business hours, the closed window communicates effectively to customers that the business is closed.

SUI Series Vertical Sliding Windows:

The SUI Series is a vertical sliding window that is applicable for exterior applications in food service situations such as small outdoor coffee beverage, smoothie, or food stands. The security locking mechanism that is included offers security from potential theft when the stand is closed. During inclement weather, the double weather stripping and sloped sills will prevent excess water from infiltrating the window and damaging product. The insulated glass units will also prove an effective barrier to the hor or cold outside climates and serve as a better sound barrier.

The SUI Series vertical sliding windows can also be installed in small sit-down counter situations. If a restaurant or bar would like customers to sit at their counter while also sitting outside, the SUI Series can be installed to open what was an exclusively-indoor space into a hybrid indoor/outdoor serving area. The up-lift vertical sliding window allows for versatility in switching between indoor and outdoor service and is much more flexible in providing custom window sizes than the IL window.

Pana Vista Series Vertical Sliding Windows:

The larger of the vertical sliding windows, the Pana Vista Series can be lifted upward or pushed downward creating a two-way opening. This vertical window is perfect for retail businesses situated in areas with warm climates or moderate seasons. Open the Pana Vista Series window next to outdoor tables and quickly serve guests their meals through the window while also creating a warm and inviting atmosphere inside.

Like the SUI Series vertical sliding window, the Pana Vista Series is great for sit-down counters and bars to serve customers through. For larger counter space, use the Pana Vista Series vertical window to ensure more area is utilized and not wasted on support beams.

All of Easi-Serv’s vertical lift windows can also be built with a stainless steel shelf base which can extend to a depth of your choice to the interior and/or exterior of the window, providing a seamless base to exchange items through the vertical sliding window.

Whether you’re a new retail or restaurant space deciding on the best industrial windows for your needs, or you’re looking to renovate your current space, contact Easi-Serv for your vertical sliding window needs. All our windows are backed by a 5-year best in industry warranty and include a security locking mechanism for your safety and business integrity. They also come fully assembled and ready to install for your convenience. Call us at (604)-422-8611 or fill out our online form to get in touch with us today.