Pharmacy Drive Through Windows at Easi-Serv

Pharmacy Drive-Thru Window - W Series

Drive-throughs are incredibly useful for the modern consumer, as we’re all constantly on the go. The convenience of being able to remain in our vehicles to complete a variety of tasks is something most of us take full advantage of, including when it comes to visiting the pharmacy.

At Easi-Serv, a pharmacy window manufacturer, we understand that this convenience for consumers is also beneficial for pharmacies, which is why we pride ourselves on our superior pharmacy window products.

Performance Pharmacy Windows

When it comes to the perfect pharmacy pick up window, there are many different things to consider. Would a manual window better suit your needs or an automatic window? What types of security features are necessary? Will you require specific accessories or customizations?

At Easi-Serv, most of our available window models are perfectly suited for the pharmacy industry, however, we highly recommend our SS and W Series units.

SS Series Pharmacy Window

Our premium side sliding pass-through window is a top hung moving panel construction made from anodized aluminum extrusions and tempered glass. It is available in a variety of custom sizes, colors, and glass to suit each individual pharmacy’s needs.

This pharmacy picks up window can be either manual or automatic in operation, as well as opening right to left or left to right from outside the building to suit your specific requirements. It has guaranteed weatherproofing, a minimum of two security locking features, as well as a five year best in industry warranty.

W Series Pharmacy Drive-Thru Windows

Our W Series window boasts many of the same features as our SS Series, only with the added benefit of a transom. The transom allows for more natural light to pass through the window, brightening the interior of the store.

If you need more information on our selection of pharmacy windows or would like to look into a custom solution, Easi-Serv is at your service. We can create a fully custom pharmacy window or modify our existing models to suit your needs perfectly.