How do I measure my window size?

Please refer to our Learning centre to learn how to measure the right size of your window:
How to Measure a Window

Is there routine maintenance required on windows?

There is very little routine maintenance required on our windows outside of regular cleaning. We include a maintenance and service guide with all of our windows.

Should I reference the window from the inside or outside of the building?

Always reference the window from the outside of the building, whether it’s for measuring the unit dimensions for a new window or indicating which way you want the window to open; left to right or right to left.

What is the production lead time?

Production lead time will vary between 3-5 weeks plus shipping time.

Do you offer rush order delivery?

Yes, but depending upon availability. We will try our best to accommodate rush orders but the order delivery time will depend upon our manufacturing capacity. Additional charges may apply.

What makes Easi-Serv windows different?

We design our windows to keep out nature’s forces which includes features such as a guide track, interlocking jambs, sloped sills and an industry-leading 5 year warranty. Refer to our Learning Centre to learn more: Easi-Serv Window Design Features

What guarantee does Easi-Serv offer on its windows?

Easi-Serv offers a 5 year limited warranty on its windows which includes frame, mechanical components and glazing.
Painted and powder coat finishes are guaranteed for 3 years and electronic components are guaranteed for 1 year.
Link to Warranty section

I’m looking for a particular option for my window that I don’t see on your website. Does that mean it’s not available?

There are hundreds of options available to tailor a window for every customer’s needs. If you don’t see an option listed on our website,
please speak to one of our sales representatives for more information. In fact, we have built a reputation in the industry in providing custom made solutions for our customers.

Can I change my window after I have placed or received my order?

Windows are specifically built to order requirements and cannot be easily modified to accommodate changes. This includes changing a window from manual to automatic or changing the direction that the window opens; right to left to left to right. Please ensure that you completely review your window order prior to signing the order confirmation.