Window Options

We offer many options to help tailor a window for your restaurant or business. Sometimes these options can be a little overwhelming or their benefits unclear- that’s why we developed this informative section to help explain some of the window options available and how they may be used in your window to help better serve customers or improve your energy efficiency.


Tempered Glass: Tempered glass is 5-10x stronger than non-tempered glass and is the most popular glass option chosen for windows today. If the window is broken, it breaks into small granular pieces rather than large sharp shards which happens with annealed glass and incurs a higher risk of injury.

Laminated Tempered Glass: This glass includes two pieces of glass with a layer of laminate sandwiched between them. This will keep the pieces of glass bonded together if it is broken and avoids having a wide dispersion of glass shards– similar to what happens when a windshield is broken. The laminated window provides an additional layer of security since it is harder for intruders to break in. It also provides a higher degree of sound proofing in high traffic or noisy areas.



Low-E Coating: Low-E coating provides low thermal emissivity which means that it will reflect the heat energy from the sun while still permitting a high amount of light to pass into the building. Low-E is quickly becoming the industry standard in all buildings and we highly recommend this option to all our customers to significantly improve energy efficiency in their facilities.

There are various options available to suit cold or hot climates permitting a variance of heat/light from the sun. A hard coat or passive Low-E coating is ideal for cold climates because it works as an insulator to retain heat inside a facility during the winter and reduce solar heat gain during the summer. A soft coat or solar control Low-E coating is ideal for mild to hot climates because it optimizes the amount of light allowed through a building and emits little heat from the sun.

Tinted Glass: Tinted glass is often used to reduce sun glare, provide privacy or to incorporate a custom colour glass to suit the aesthetics of the building. Tinted glass will absorb a portion of the solar heat and block light in varying degrees depending on the shade and colour of the tint.

Spandrel: Spandrel is a coating that is often used by architects between vision areas of windows to conceal structural columns or floors- it is typically not used where there is natural or artificial light on the interior of the window. For transaction windows, it is often used in W and SBT window transoms to cover the areas behind the windows while making the window and building appear larger.

Reflective Coating: This coating is ideal for windows to reduce sun glare or where one-way daytime privacy is required. The external side of the window will be a mirrored, reflective appearance preventing vision into the building. There will be visibility on the inside of the building looking outside and the coating will still permit a high amount of visible light.

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Anodized Aluminum (2)


Anodized Aluminum: The most common and standard finish for our window extrusions, this option provides protection on the surface of the aluminum to protect the base metal. The coating is integral to the metal so there is no peeling or flaking and provides the frame with a deeper, richer metallic appearance than what is possible with other coatings. It is a long-lasting and easily maintained finish which can also be ‘renewed’ with regular cleaning.

Powder Coat Finish: This is one of the most durable finishing options which offers a low maintenance, weather resistant surface and can be offered in a wide variety of colors.

Duracron Coating: This is an acrylic extrusion coating which adds beauty and additional durability to a window frame. Custom colors available.

Duranar HP 2 Coat Baked Fluropolymer Coating: The toughest and most durable coating available, this coating is made to withstand the harshest weather conditions while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal. It is most commonly used in industrial and seacoast areas to provide maximum protection against chemicals and salt corrosion. Custom colors available.

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There are a number of sill options available which will help to align the design and construct of the window with the interior layout of the facility. For example, a different sill height may be used to form a continuous and seamless connection to a current or soon to be developed shelf in the facility.

We also offer a stainless steel base which forms a continuous shelf system from the inside to the outside of the window when open for an easy transaction exchange.



We offer one standard shelf which is 12” deep, 2 ¾” thick and runs the full length of the window. We can also provide a shelf that can be tailored to the window and individual application.


Magnetic Security Lock: The magnetic security lock provides another barrier to entry for intruders.  The magnetic force is able to withstand nearly any pressure applied to open the window, even when a crowbar is used to force entry.

Limited Night Time Opening: This option will limit the window opening to 10 ½” to limit the access and entry of unwanted intruders from the outside.

Drop Down Security BarJ



Air Curtain: An air curtain provides high velocity air currents which works as an invisible barrier against the natural convection of air flow that would normally occur through a window. It can work as a) a thermal barrier to retain the heat or air conditioning from leaving the building, or b) serve as a barrier to dust, dirt or other contaminants flowing in the air or c) deflect the entrance of flies and insects. The air curtains also provide heat to better maintain the thermal barrier. A relay option is available to sync the operation of the unit with the opening/closing of the window.

Heater: A heater is similar to an air curtain but only acts as a means of thermal control to prevent the entry of cold air into a facility and the exit of warm air from the facility. A relay option is available to sync the operation of the unit with the opening/closing of the window.


LED Lights: LED lights are available on CSP and PSB window models and can be installed recessed into the window hood. This provides additional lighting to provide better visibility for processing transactions and to serve as an additional security feature.

Aluminum Panel: An insulated aluminum panel can be provided above and/or below the window. The panel is 33” high, matches the same width of the window and is framed with 4 ½” wide x 2” aluminum extrusions. The frame extrusions for the panel and the panel itself can be provided in the same finish as the window for a consistent appearance.

Aluminum Panel