Measuring Your Window

Measuring a New Window (2)

Measuring the right window size is an important first step to ensure the smooth and correct installation of your new window to save both time and money. These instructions can be used to measure the replacement of a currently installed window or the window opening where a new window is yet to be installed.

  • Firstly, always measure from outside of the building, not the inside.
  • For the width of the window, measure from the outside frame of the current window or right to the edge of the window opening. Take 3 measurements; 1 at the top, the middle and the bottom. If the 3 measurements vary, take the shortest of the three dimensions. Repeat this step to take the height of the current window frame / window opening: one at the left side, one at the center and one at the right side.
  • The industry standard is to list the measurements in the order sequence of width x height. (W x H).
  • If you are measuring a window that is currently installed then you are done. Otherwise, if you are measuring the window opening where a window is yet to be installed then deduct ¼” (1/8” on each side) to these dimensions for storefront framing and ½” (1/4” on each side) for an opening with rough wood or other material.

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