Easi-Serv Window Design Features

5 years warenty

Inside View :

1) Best in Industry 5 Year Limited Warranty – The most extensive warranty available for pass-thru windows. Our warranty provides 5 years protection against manufacturing defects on the frame, mechanical components and glazing; 3 years on paint and powder coat finishes; and 1 year on electrical components.

2) Top Hung Moving Panels – Our moving panels are top hung with a ball bearing roller running on an Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) track for extended durability and smooth operation, with only light touch required for the moving panel to glide open and shut.

Top Hung Moving Panel - color edited with screws (1)

Interlocking Jambs - Opening panel and Fixed PanelInterlocking Jambs - Moving panel and frame

3) Interlocking Jambs and Double Weatherstripping – Provides the best seal on moving panels to prevent water, wind and snow infiltration.

4) Guide Track – 1/2” moving panel guide track for durability and smoother operation of opening panels.

Guide Track - Original Photo
Guide Track - Original Photo
Drop Down Security Bar

5) Drop Down Security Bar – Full length bar to restrict entry during closed hours or optional shorter drop down bar (shown inset) limits the opening to 12” during late night use to limit outside access.

6) Spring Loaded Thumb Latch – Automatically locks the window when it is closed.

Thumb Latch - Cropped for CynexiThumb Latch - Original Photo

Oversized Handle

7) Oversized Aluminium Handle – Provides easy opening and closing of the window.

Outside View

1) Sloped sills – Directs water away from the window to avoid infiltration; an Easi-Serv orignal design.

Sloped Sills - Original PhotoSloped Sills

1inch Sealed Insulated Unit

2) 1” Double Pane Insulated Glass Unit – Removable glass stops and glazing vinyl make glass replacement very easy; It also provides the option for Low-E coating to significantly improve energy efficiency and prevents exposed glass coatings to scratches or damage.
3) Commercial Grade Extrusions – Eliminates sagging and flexing of the frame for additional durability.

4) Dry Glazing – Removable glass stops and glazing vinyl makes glass replacement very easy.
5) Alarm Contacts – A standard feature on our windows that allows an easy connection to security systems.

Dry Glazing - Original (1)Dry Glazing - Original (2)

Breather Tubes Picture - OriginalBreather Tubes Picture 2

Breather Tubes Picture 2

6) Breather Tubes – equalizes the pressure between sealed panes to prevent damage caused by changes in altitude during shipping.

7) Stainless Steel Sill Cladding (optional) – Preserves the finish for the life of the window.

Stainless Steel Sill Cladding - OriginalStainless Steel Sill Cladding (2)