Automatic Window

The popularity of drive thru windows has increased drastically over the years – in fact, nowadays up to 75% of a restaurant’s business is derived from the drive-thru lane.

Many people choose the drive-thru out of convenience. Typically, it’s quicker and it doesn’t force the customer to get out of their car. They can wait in line in the comfort of their own vehicle, listen to music and have a little personal time to themselves.

With so many customers opting for the drive-thru, it’s clear that it’s a crucial part of many business’ success. To ensure that success, steps must be taken to guarantee your drive-thru is as efficient as possible. One way to increase efficiency is with an automatic service window.

How can an automatic window improve efficiency? It’s quite simple:

Automatic Windows Allow for Multitasking.

Utilizing an automatic window allows employees to multitask with ease. They simply approach the window, an optic sensor recognizes their movement and the window automatically opens, then closes again when they walk away from the window. Your employees will be able to have beverages or bags of food already in their hands when a customer approaches the window and won’t be required to put the items down to open and close the window.

Employees also have the ability to type in an order on the register while accepting payment from another customer without needing to remove both hands from the register to open the window.

While these may seem like small intricacies that aren’t very crucial to the overall process, these few seconds add up. If customers can complete or receive their order a few seconds faster, they’ll be more satisfied overall. This is because they not only received their order quickly, but  the overall delivery time was faster because the customers in front of them benefitted from the convenience of the automatic service window as well.

Installing automatic windows in your drive-thru isn’t only convenient for your employees, but for your customers. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is what is most important and an automatic window can also contribute to that satisfaction.

Automatic Windows Improve Energy Efficiency

Automatic windows can also improve the energy efficiency in your restaurant by ensuring the window is open only when a customer is being served and in use; avoiding the unnecessary and rising costs for heat and/or air conditioning inside the building.

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At Easi-Serv, as an automatic window manufacturer, we offer a variety of automatic service windows that can fit your every need. Each of our windows are durable, offer a 5 year best-in-industry warranty and are guaranteed weatherproof.

We not only offer standard sizes for 9 different window models but are also able to build the perfect custom solution to suit any need. If you have any questions about our products, whether it is regarding our automatic service window or any of our other solutions, please contact us and we would be happy to assist.

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