7 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Transaction Window

Opening a transaction window a few hundred times a day to serve customers can tend to drive up your utility bill, but here’s 7 esssential things to keep in mind that will help improve your energy efficiency and help keep a few more dollars in your pocket.


1) Low-E:
Quickly becoming a popular industry standard, Low-E is highly recommended for any sun facing window to improve energy efficiency. This coating option can retain heat inside the building and deflect solar heat from the outside while still transferring an optimum amount of sunlight. Several options are available to control varying degrees of light and heat transmitted through the window to suit extremely hot or cold climates.

2) Air Curtain / Heater:An air curtain works effectively as an invisible barrier to reduce the natural flow of air current through a window. This will retain the heat / air conditioning inside the building while deflecting external elements such as the hot/cold air, insects and dirt or other particle contaminants.

Air curtains have a heater built in but a stand-alone heater is also offered to primarily control the thermal temperature inside the building.

3) Air Curtain Relay:
This is an option that allows the operation of the air curtain to sync with the opening of the window. This helps to reduce wasted energy on an air curtain continuously running, especially during off-peak hours when the window is closed for long periods of time.


4) Opening Size:
A smaller window opening could be considered to minimize the natural flow of wind inside/outside the building during transaction periods when the window is open.

Window Size

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5) Automated Windows:
Automated windows will help to ensure windows remain open only when customers are being served and reduce the wasted energy on heat / air conditioning control the building’s temperature.

6) Interlocking Jambs:

Interlocking Jambs - Opening panel and Fixed Panel
Interlocking Jambs - Moving panel and frame

An interlocking jamb with double weather stripping will form a tight seal between the sliding panel and fixed panel to ensure no natural elements can slip through the panels including wind, snow or rain. A standard Easi-Serv window feature.

1inch Sealed Insulated Unit

7) Sealed Insulated Double Pane Glass Units:
Alternative to a single pane of glass, a sealed unit will help improve energy efficiency by acting as an insulant. It also protects any glazing films or coating from being exposed and potentially damaged. A standard Easi-Serv window feature.

To learn more about various window options, visit our Window section to learn more about the options that might be best suited for your transaction window.