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Maintaining and Caring for Drive Thru Windows

Proper care and maintenance is the key to longevity with any product, and drive through windows are no exception. Regular upkeep will ensure optimum performance for many years. Here are some tested methods for maintaining your drive through window: Drive Thru Window Frame Cleaning To start cleaning your window frame, remove any debris or particles

Automatic Window

The popularity of drive thru windows has increased drastically over the years – in fact, nowadays up to 75% of a restaurant’s business is derived from the drive-thru lane. Many people choose the drive-thru out of convenience. Typically, it’s quicker and it doesn’t force the customer to get out of their car. They can wait

Window Options

We offer many options to help tailor a window for your restaurant or business. Sometimes these options can be a little overwhelming or their benefits unclear- that’s why we developed this informative section to help explain some of the window options available and how they may be used in your window to help better serve customers or improve your energy efficiency.

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