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How to Choose a Drive Thru Window

Drive-thru windows are a staple for businesses that want to serve customers quickly and efficiently. Instead of requiring a customer to find a parking space, walk into the business, be served, then walk all the way back to their car; it’s simply easier and more effective with pass thru windows. Customers can remain in their

The Different Vertical Sliding Windows and When to Use Them

In some situations, the need for a window calls for something other than a horizontal-sliding window. Vertical sliding windows provide an innovative and aesthetically-pleasing design for pass-through and customer-serving applications. They’re great when you have a small width to squeeze in a pass through window or maximize the width of the vertical slider window for

Flush Mount Windows at Easi-Serv

Flush Mount windows are incredibly useful when space is a priority. As their name indicates, the window sits flush with the wall, meaning there is not a protrusion caused by the window. A flush mount window is an excellent option when dealing with a tight drive-thru, a food truck, or any other application where a

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