How to Choose a Drive Thru Window

Drive-thru windows are a staple for businesses that want to serve customers quickly and efficiently. Instead of requiring a customer to find a parking space, walk into the business, be served, then walk all the way back to their car; it’s simply easier and more effective with pass thru windows. Customers can remain in their cars and pull up to a window where an employee can easily help them. Businesses experience a higher volume of sales with a pass thru window, as there are two points of sale for customers to line up for. In fact, for many restaurants, up to 70-80% of their revenue is generated in the drive-thru!

If a pass thru window sounds appealing to your business model, but you don’t know which one you want, here’s a handy guide of things to consider when choosing a drive-thru window.

Sales Volume

With businesses that have high sales volume, such as popular fast-food establishments, it’s important to have a window with convenient features. Features such as automatic opening or built-in shelves for storage of frequently-used products that accompany projected models.

The PSB Series Projected Bi-Parting Window is one of the best window model options for restaurants with high sales due to it’s built in shelf, visibility to see traffic in the drive-thru lane, a centered opening providing distribution of inside space and layout and additional features such as air curtains and LED lights recessed from the hood.


If there is limited lighting at the transaction window, it could pose potential risks of theft, burglary, or cause mistakes due to limited vision. Built-in LED lighting available on the CSP series Projected Single-Parting Window and PSB Series Projected Bi-Parting Window serves as an additional safety feature and provide better visibility for employees during nighttime hours, reducing the risks of theft and transaction errors. This option is especially appropriate for establishments that are open during nighttime hours and the windows are also equipped with a minimum of two security locking features. Easi-Serv is available to customize this pass thru window series to the specific needs of your business.


For businesses located in areas with extreme temperatures, strong winds, precipitation, and/or erratic weather changes, standard energy-efficient and weather-resistant features on Easi-Serv’s windows are crucial. These features are responsible for keeping indoor conditions stable, keeping employees comfortable during work hours and improving the overhead costs of running a business with a pass thru window.

For example, a window coating of Low-E is highly recommended for any sun-facing window to improve energy efficiency because it deflects solar heat and glare from the outside while also letting in sunlight. Air curtains are a great feature as well because they reduce the natural flow of air between indoor and outdoor climates while also keeping out contaminants to the kitchen such as dirt or flies. Furthermore, slanted serving sills are recommended for businesses in areas of high precipitation so standing water and water infiltration is prevented.

All of Easi-Serv’s pass thru windows are available with energy efficient and weather-resistant features and are all glazed with 1” double pane insulated glass units for extra weather resistance.

No matter what kind of pass thru window you are searching for, Easi-Serv has the customizable options to suit your business’ needs. It’s also easy to go online and get price quotes for all the series and pass thru window options- just use our Request a Quote page!